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I've done various things over the years. Here's a few web-based remnants to chew over.

Stuff I've Done
Otakon Proper I helped found and run an anime convention way back in 1993, called Otakon. I did various things for the convention over the years - coordinating the dealers room, maintaining a rudimentary database, playing correspondence secretary, logistical support, etc. They eventually put me in charge for a year, in 2000. That managed to thoroughly burn me out, and I am taking a long hiatus from convention running. It's a hobby for the underemployed and for students. I currently have nothing to do with the convention, and any praise or blame for how the con is currently running can be given to the current con committee.
the Otakon Histories The one thing I can currently claim credit for are the historical sections on Otakon's website. I wrote the histories of the first six conventions; I figured it wouldn't be a good idea to write up my own adminstration, and it looks like they haven't found anyone to do the honors.
Dangerous Advice I wrote the weekly newsletter for the Penn State Science Fiction Society for a few years. Here's the back issues. Fair warning, they're in pdf format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, here's the current version: Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 Download
I'm losing faith in the PSU clubs webserver. I may put these up on this site, if there's enough room. We'll see.

Steel Panthers wargame scenarios I used to create wargame scenarios for a game called Steel Panthers. They're archived on Mario Kroll's the Wargamer.

Favorite Sites
Television Without Pity Used to be Mighty Big TV. Great fan community. I hang out at the Buffy forums. Excellent episode recaps.
Salon My daily newspaper. Who needs pulp?
Scott McCloud Comics guru. Understanding Comics is just indispensable. Check out the finished version of Choose Your Own Carl.
AnimeJump Michael O'Toole's great anime review site.
The Anime Web Turnpike The only anime links directory worth using.
SkyBit Site Specific Weather Forecasting. One of the companies my employer does work for.
Sluggy Freelance One of the coolest online comics in existence.
Sinfest The other coolest online comic in existence.
Keenspot A decent if mixed bunch of online comics. Caveat emptor.