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French Color Photographs of WWI from the Lumiere Bros.
Very odd series of photographs from what looks like Alsace during the war. Since they're all over eighty years old, I believe this is all in the public domain.
The comments are about my responses to the images, and do not actually reflect any real knowledge about the photographs themselves.

Looks like the backyard of an abandoned factory

War damaged cottage or tumbledown barn?

Looks like some ruins I've seen in quarries

Nice sunset photography here

Breakfast time

Looks like some parts of Cherry Lane

Looks like a campout.

Could be one of the more neglected parts of the county

Different unit - Hussars maybe?

Looks like this train had a close call somewhere down the line

Trenches on the edge of the woods

Do you think these are tents, or is this covered grain or silage?

Three cheers for armored loopholes!

I think these guys are Sengalese Colonial troops

Everybody smile

Remove the tower, and it's any of a half-dozen quarry ruins around here or in Allentown.

Looks like the foot of Half Moon Hill

Could be any of a half-dozen train underpasses in the county. But it isn't.

Touring the brownfields - er, I mean, battlefields

Haircut in the trenches - looks like some of the fields over by the airport

Again, this looks like the grottier parts of Cherry Lane just up the hill from Allegheny Street

Now this, on the other hand, looks like a colored version of a Civil War photograph

The Barrens near Scotia?

Don't get shot there, Jacques

God, that looks like rural Pennsylvania

Looks like some under-maintained parks I've seen

This, on the other hand, looks like someone's backyard

Boy Scout Jamboree, 1917 Alsace, or possibly the Argonne

Now this looks like France

Oh, definitely.